Photographed in Luckenbach, TX
Mamiya 645 on Tri-X

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Thank you, 2014


A few weeks ago, Dallas Clayton posted on Instagram a “list of essentials to keep in mind” print.
It read…
THINGS TO LOVE: Where you live, who you’re with, what you do, who you are.
My 2014 business year is officially a wrap and I’m so thankful to everything on that list. When I was a kid, dreaming of what to be when I grew up, I never knew to dream of a job that would lead to so much fun. Just like any job, it has its ups and downs, but overall, what a privilege this work is! So thank you, clients, some of whom are now great friends. Thank you for adding to the reasons that I love where I live, who I’m with, what I do and who I am. And thank you for letting me dance on the clock and when available, drink your open bar bourbon.

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Sean + Hannah | Engaged!

These two humans? Well, they’re pretty spectacular – some of the best on the planet, and their story is one of my favorites. Her heart is infinite amounts of gold and he is one of the good guys. There’s a quote in Dracula, of all books, that says ”There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights.” Sean and Hannah are some of the lights. Really, really bright ones.

This was my last shoot of the year and I couldn’t imagine a better way complete it. I am so honored that they wanted to be in front of my camera, and I am so pumped to do it again on their wedding day.

SeanHannah 002

SeanHannah 008

SeanHannah 010SeanHannah 011SeanHannah 013SeanHannah 019SeanHannah 016SeanHannah 028SeanHannah 031

SeanHannah 029BWSeanHannah 034SeanHannah 040-2SeanHannah 045SeanHannah 047

SeanHannah 050SeanHannah 053-2SeanHannah 058SeanHannah 056SeanHannah 066SeanHannah 076-2

Photographed in Jasper, GA

Check out their proposal video by Jared Belcher!

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Brian + Caitie | Married!

It was a super sweet experience for my last wedding of 2014 to be an old friend from college who I hadn’t seen since my own wedding day. Full circle, full wonderful.

Bianco 038

Bianco 051Bianco 056bianco001

Bianco 126Bianco 125Bianco 134Bianco 141Bianco 139Bianco 137Bianco 122

Bianco 174Bianco 186Bianco 193Bianco 283

Photographed in Dallas, TX

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Sean and Hannah in the Headlights


Photographed in Jasper, Georgia

More of these two coming soon…

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The 2014 Christmas Card!


And this year, it was double sided…




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Mom and Pop in the Headlights


Photographed in Burnet, Texas

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Patrick + Lauren | Engaged

PatrickLauren 011

PatrickLauren 015-2

PatrickLauren 028PatrickLauren 047PatrickLauren 066

Photographed in Roswell, GA

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Jordan + Taylor

Orr 015

Orr 019

Orr 026Orr 036Orr 038

Photographed in Atlanta, GA

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Joe + Kari | Married!

May or may not have been listening to a lot of Boyz II Men while editing these…

Tice 048Tice 060Tice 066Tice 075

Tice 110Tice 126Tice 164Tice 240

Tice 255

Tice 262Tice 267Tice 275

Tice 280Tice 282Tice 306Tice 334Tice 340

Photographed in Athens, GA

Ceremony – UGA Chapel
Reception – Little Kings

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